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 Kouhei Takahiro

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kouhei takahiro


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PostSubject: Kouhei Takahiro   Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:53 pm

Nama: Kouhei Takahiro (Peace Valuable)
Hobby : sculpturing, photography, painting, acting
Like : beautiful stuff, history, fairytale
Dislike : something that not look beautiful especially in art, lookin someone get bullied

Background story

Takahiro grown up in a broken family
his mom and dad divorced when he was 7

one day his best friend got bullied by some bad students on the top of school roof
Takahiro is not fighting type person, there more he really scared with those people
but then somehow he can't stand it anymore , so he tried to stop those people for bullying his friend
unexpectedly when he pushed the guy which actually intended just to separate the fighting
the gate wire that used to block the roof are broken and made the guy fall to death

Takahiro shocked and he always called himself a murderer
even thou everybody said that was an accident and he really got nothing to worry about it

3 months later after that incident his best friend left him to USA and never return

he moved to this school , after that incident,

(info sementara, nanti ditulis bahasa indonesia)

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Kouhei Takahiro
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