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 Akanishi Hayato desu... Yoropiku!

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Akanishi Hayato


-Number of posts : 24
-Age : 27
-Side : Negau
-Kelas : 2
-Registration date : 2009-03-19

Character sheet
Status: none
Pet/Master's name:

PostSubject: Akanishi Hayato desu... Yoropiku!   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:48 am

Nama: Akanishi Hayato
Side: Negau
Club: Soccer Club, Music Club
Tinggi/berat: 176/61
Kelas: 2
Status: -
Master/Pet's name: -
Karakteristik: playboy, rada lemot, usil, berisik, payah dalam pelajaran, suka clubbing, agak mesum, jujur, polos, kadang-kadang manja dan sok imut, suka makan dan malas-malasan, suka bolos, banyak teman, moody, suka nyanyi dan main gitar, jago main bola
Pesan kamu pada karakter lain tentang karakter kamu: I live my life with my own pace
Position: Seme

Hi, my name is Akanishi Hayato...
Call me whatever you want...
But I prefer Akanishi-kun, because there's someone else has the same name as my first name...
Umm, I'm simple, I love to do everything i like to do at times...
I love my friends but sometimes I love making enemies just to live out my days...
My hobbies are playing soccer, singing and writing songs with my guitar, clubbing, and making commotions...
i hate studying, the only thing that excite me in the class is pretty things (as in this school is pretty boys ne)...
Oh, I can converse with Indonesian but I usually use with English, just because I'm crazy for American things, umm btw, 2 years ago I've been lived in LA for 6 months (no, I'm not big-mouthing myself)...
Enough about me then...
So for all Shiroi Gakuin students, yoropiku!

PS: ne, anybody, who interest in me, please say hi okay, let's be friends (or enemies if you choose that way, and for cute guys, hehe, don't worry, I'll treat you well)...

Jyaa... ne... *peace*
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Akanishi Hayato desu... Yoropiku!
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