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 Yozora Hotaru

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Yozora Hotaru

Yozora Hotaru

-Number of posts : 35
-Age : 23
-Side : Negau
-Kelas : I-1
-Registration date : 2010-09-01

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PostSubject: Yozora Hotaru   Yozora Hotaru EmptyThu Sep 02, 2010 4:55 am

Nama: Yozora Hotaru [夜空蛍]
Nickname: Sora, Hotaru
Birthday: 14 February
Age: 16
Class: 2
Side: Yume
Ciri fisik: blonde, slighty red highlight, lip piercing, various eyes color (contact lenses)
H/W: 171/60
Bloodtype: B
Likes: rain, chocolate candy, caramel pudding
Dislikes: night sky, spider, coffee
Hobby: jam, sketching, painting, day dreaming
Bahasa yang dikuasai: English, Japanese, Indonesia
Kelebihan: always smiling whatever the condition is
Kekurangan: hiding in his smile
Kewarganegaraan: Japanese

+Tentang Chara+
Like to spend all day in the rooftop, sketching in his small sketch book or just gazing the sky. It is not that Hotaru is being unsocial. In fact, he likes to goof around with his friends, going to karaoke, arcade, and do many fool things.
He always brings chocolate candy in his pocket. whenever he got annoyed he eats it and simply back to his modest mood. Not really interested in girls because he already awared that his sexual preference is a guy (laugh) but enjoying play with girls (lol)

+Background Chara+
Loath, lone, hatred. Good things never comes up whenever Hotaru thought about his family. He decided to leave his home and taking boarding school simply because he no longer cant stand with his house, his family. Hotaru wont tell anything about his family. "They're all dead", he mutters with his best smile.
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Yozora Hotaru
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